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Aphid will offer a variety of both personal and business subscription plans for you as a bot Controller. Coming Soon.


Is the pricing based on a subscription plan?

Yes, depending on how many bot clones you want to operate at a time, there will be a monthly subscription plan to leverage the Aphid network. There will be a free plan for basic usage, as well as upgraded PRO plans for increased bot powering and Web3 features. 

What are the transaction fees?

Aphid takes 2.9% of each aBion transaction in the Aptera marketplace. As an incentive for using a decentralized system, Aphid will do a monthly burn of the entire amount of aBion collected from these transactions. Controllers will be able to use the "Lacewing" plugin to track the countdown and blockchain transactions of the burn on the public ledger.

How much is the fee per summon?

Developers set the fee for each time your bot clone is summoned for a task. This mechanism is similar to an API call fee.


Workflows should be automated and less cumbersome. Aphid will offer a variety of plans for you as a Small-Medium Sized Business (SMB) or Enterprise. Contact Sales to join the pilot program. 

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