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A network and ecosystem disrupting the workforce economy by allowing people and businesses to leverage artificial intelligence bots to save time and earn money.

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Enhance the quality of life for people and organizations through automation. Aphid is giving people back more time to spend with their families, and reducing their reliance solely on one source of income.

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Our Story

Aphid was founded by Brandon Cooper, Sean Ross, and Shri Ramani. 


We are a group of passionate technologists, marketers, designers, and blockchain enthusiasts that have come together to build a future powered by automation that helps give people back their most valuable resource – time.

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Creating a Free Society for our Colony

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We are dedicated to pioneering the disruption of the outdated workforce economy in the world today. Providing the foundation for our community ("Colony"), with the tools to transition into a better quality of life. Going against the norm, we will continue to push the envelope and expand the minds of our Colony.  Through technology, we will remove limitations and conformity.

About The Aphid

Aphids are small sap-sucking insects that clone themselves at a highly reproductive rate. 


Core Values

Disruption - Longevity - Simplicity - Humanitarianism - Independence - Innovation - Freedom - Individualism

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