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  • What is an aClone (bot) ?
    An artificial intelligence digital bot that acts and behaves like a human being. Often in the form of a virtual assistant or chatbot.
  • Is this replacing my actual full time job with my employer?
    Initially, Aphid is considered to be a gig economy automation network. As we continue to build out the ecosystem with more ways to earn, you will have the potential to increase your income based upon your own strategies.
  • Is my bot for personal or business use?
    You can use a bot for both personal use and also for your business. To use a personal bot, sign up for an Aphid account using the Aphid mobile app. If you want a virtual assistant for your business website, contact sales at to join the pilot in Q2 2023.
  • Where do I install bots and plugins?
    In the Aptera marketplace located in the Aphid mobile app and Web Control Panel (coming soon).
  • How do I get paid?
    Depending on the amount and type of bots and plugins you are utilizing, most plugins pay out same day after a bot has successfully executed an action. You are paid in the same currency used for that particular plugin payout. ie US Dollar, Bitcoin, etc.
  • What are the benefits of a PRO account?
    The ability to utilize more than 1 bot, and to unlock premium features in the Aptera marketplace, and more. PRO account members also qualify to receive cryptocurrency payouts via third party plugins.
  • Is there a free plan?
    Yes. 1 bot with limited monthly credits.
  • Can I create a group account?
    Not at this time.
  • Can I obtain a verified account?
    Not at this time.
  • What languages do you support?
    Our ecosystem supports the English language.
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