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  • What is a Clone (bot) ?
    An artificial intelligence digital bot that acts and behaves like a human being. Often in the form of a virtual assistant or chatbot.
  • Is my bot for personal or business use?
    You can use a bot for both personal use and also for your business. To use a personal bot, sign up for an Aphid account using the Aphid mobile app. If you want a virtual assistant for your business website, contact sales at to join the pilot in Q1-Q2 of 2024.
  • Where do I install bots and plugins?
    In the Network located in the Aphid mobile app and Web Control Panel (coming soon).
  • How do I get paid?
    Depending on the amount and type of bots and plugins you are utilizing, most plugins pay out same day after a bot has successfully executed an action. You are paid in the same currency used for that particular plugin payout. ie US Dollar, Bitcoin, etc.
  • What are the benefits of a PRO account?
    The ability to utilize more credits in the Aphid ecosystem. For Business subscription plans, you can utilize the Aphid chatbot system.
  • Is there a free plan?
    Yes which includes limited monthly credits.
  • Can I create a group account?
    Not at this time.
  • Can I obtain a verified account?
    Not at this time.
  • What languages do you support?
    Our ecosystem supports the English language.
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