Brandon Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology,  Graphic Design, and software and hardware support. Brandon is a specialist in Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He studied Marketing and Merchandising at Michigan State University. Prior to Aphid, Brandon was a Senior Technology Advisor with Apple.

Chad Thomas

Chief Technology Officer

Chad has extensive engineering, technology, programming, and software development experience, and a proven track record of innovation and building for scale. Chad’s background includes: Architect, designer and coder of MySpace, where he built the platform that accommodated rapid global growth for millions of users. Chad studied electrical engineering at the University of Nebraska and has an M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Charles Sanchez

Chief Operating Officer

 Charles holds an Economics degree from Princeton University and was a Riordan Fellow MBA at UCLA Anderson. He has deep operations experience, implementing policies and streamlining operations for businesses ranging from tech startups to Fortune 100 companies enabling them to grow at a rapid pace. In his most recent role, Charles led a business transformation for an ad tech company enabling them to develop the infrastructure to onboard several noteworthy clients such as Facebook, Uber, and Tesla. 

William Mulholland

Chief Financial Officer

William is an entrepreneur with deep startup experience and is an expert in growth-oriented finance and strategic finance. He has worked on everything business-related a startup goes through: from launching the company, raising funds (debt/equity), developing the business plans, building the financial models, organizing the finances, pitching to investors and partners, and developing the option plan and 409A, filing the S1 and completing mergers and acquisitions.

Shri Ramani

Director of Finance

Shri is a co-founder of Aphid. Shri is primarily responsible for overseeing the financial activities of the entire company, including cash-flow planning, monitoring of expenses, forecasting, and budgeting for future growth. He was previously with Krossover Inc, a NY based sports analytics company, before their acquisition, as part of the Head of Operations in India, where he helped scale the company from a team of 20 to over 250, and implemented policies and procedures for streamlining operations required for rapid growth. Shri holds a B.A. in Finance and an M.S.Accounting from Michigan State University. 

Mike Gamburian

SVP, Engineering

Mike oversees Aphid’s Enterprise platform and infrastructure, addressing continuous improvement of SAAS products, ML models, IoT, and business metrics while executing technical management of engineers to ensure Aphid’s architecture is well maintained. Mike has over 7 years of enterprise experience in management, software development, IoT, machine learning, python, networking, workflow automation, and IT. He has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Cal State Northridge.

Thomas Yih

General Counsel

Thomas is an alum of Columbia University Law. He has extensive experience in China raising capital, leading M&A, and leading the company’s overall day-to-day operations.

Gale Henderson

Public Relations Manager

Specializing in strategic communications, media relations, event planning, branding, and content development for both traditional and social media, Gale has served organizations ranging from large global brands to small start-up companies penetrating various industries. Gale has a Master of Arts (M.A.), Public Relations & Organizational Communication degree from Wayne State University.

Eric Yao

Lead Software Architect

Eric has 17 years of experience in designing and building highly scalable, secure, and robust web applications and systems across multiple industries.  He's been a founder, full-stack/DevOps/SRE/product engineer, software architect, manager, and CTO throughout his career and has been leading engineering efforts and teams for many of his senior years.  He's also a technical equity and crypto trader who performs advanced technical analysis and uses complex option strategies to manage portfolio risk and exposures. 

Emily Corn

Full Stack Developer

Emily holds a 4.0 in Computer Science and is pursuing higher education. For the past three years she has been building software from start to finish across multiple companies, with her current focus being mobile development. 

Argishti Ghadimi

Design Lead

Argishti is in charge of leading product design and conceptualizing creative content. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from California State University, Northridge where he focused on graphic and UX/UI design. With a demonstrated history of working in visual communications and UX/UI, Argishti wants to help design a more user-focused future. Argishti is also an award-winning artist in the LA area and specializes in Murals, Pop Art, and Abstract Art.

Aditya Parikh

Project Management Officer

A graduate from Arizona State University, Aditya Parikh is an MBA/ MSBA data driven professional with 3+ years of successful executive management and technical project management experience. Aditya has been an integral part in the development of 2 fast paced growth startups within the Aviation and ecommerce sectors building system processes and strategic planning initiatives which led to the procurement of large accounts including American Airlines and SpaceX.

Talha Rehman

Full Stack Developer

Being a technology enthusiast he has experience in a vast set of technology stacks and fields and is constantly learning new techniques. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, he started his career working as a Machine Learning Engineer Intern, then moved to Web Development and Mobile Development. He also has experience with smart contracts with Solidity and Regenerative Art creation for NFT’s. 

Talha Rehman_edited.png
Marc Wilkins

Senior Digital
Marketing Analyst

Before joining Aphid, Marc founded his digital marketing agency, Viaggio Digital and managed it for 14 years. As a Marketing Director at VD, Marc worked with clients across a range of industries, including the health, technology, education, entertainment and political sectors. Marc holds an associate's degree in Marketing from STCC.

John Major

Investment Analyst

John attended Michigan State University where he earned his degree in Advertising and Public Relations. John transitioned into investing in 2016 primarily working his specialties consisting of Stock trading with "Options", and Roth IRA's.

Marcus Banks

Media Manager

Marcus holds a BA in Mass Communications from Paine College and MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. 

Jereme Wilson

Technical Support Specialist

Jereme is an Information Technology Analyst with over 12 years of experience in troubleshooting, maintaining, and educating individuals about technology. Jereme specializes in IT technologies and regularly attends national training sessions to showcase new IT tech trends involved in Cloud technology, mobile technology, as well as networking tools. Jereme is a former Accessibility Senior Advisor, a position he held for 8 years. 



Rohit Prabhakar

Marketing Advisor

Rohit is an award-winning executive, leveraging the power of digital, data, insights directed strategy, CX, marketing, and utilization of current trends to boost revenues across Fortune 500 companies. He’s a visionary business leader with a proven track record building disruptive solutions and renowned for illuminating crystal-clear solutions to customers while growing profitability. Lead global teams to deliver revolutionary digital solutions that engage and impress clients.

Sean Ross

Technology Advisor

Sean is a co-founder of Aphid. His background includes experience with eight different programming languages and years of writing stack desktop and web applications. He was formerly at Apple alongside Brandon Cooper.

Kenneth Goodwin

Financial Advisor

Ken is a widely sought-after executive with global banking and capital markets experience – achieving results in venture capital, digital transformation, big data, innovation, and technology and risk management. He advises large multinationals and mid-level capital firms and executives in executing multi-billion (USD) business development and institutional partnerships agreements in Asia, Europe, North American.

Devansh Khatri

Web3 Advisor

Devansh has extensive experience in building and incubating decentralized protocols to enhance web 3.0 networks.