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Automate decisions on the web

aph-ID is your universal login system to automate decisions on the internet.

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Introducing aph-ID

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Cooper introduces aph-ID and speaks on the future of Web3.


You own your data. Store your earnings, and more in your aph-ID account on the IPFS network.

Using Laptop at Home

Connect to websites across the internet to automate decisions.

Coming Soon

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Universal Metaverse Avatar

Use your aClone avatars across various Metaverses.

Coming Soon

Image by Barbora Dostálová

aClone NFT's

Store your aClone NFT's in your aph-ID.

Coming Soon


Solana Pay

Connect Solana Pay to your aph-ID to make payments at POS. Solana Pay is built for immediate transactions, fees that are fractions of a penny, and a net-zero environmental impact.

Coming Soon

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