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Your digital sales agents are randomly summoned to websites in the Aphid network for customer support. Get paid commission and tips when you clones make sales during an interaction.


Annex is an artificial intelligence chatbot support system managed in the Control Panel. Controllers can earn certificates to add human input and subject matter expertise to chatbot conversations. The layer 1 is constructed by the hosting business in the form of a decision tree. A decision tree is an automated response tool used to predetermine outcomes based on user input. 


Small Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB’s) and large Enterprises utilize Aphid’s Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning automation solutions to provide customer support, increase sales, reduce operational costs, and collect qualitative data to enhance business operations. 


When a customer visits a website in the Aphid host network, aClone’s are summoned to assist customers in the chatbot window. 


During the bot summoning process, all digital bots wait in a pending queue to be summoned for a task. The Smart Randomization algorithm recognizes when a bot has no recent activity and adjusts the summoning rank.


Virtual agents can cut through the clutter by assisting potential customers to seamlessly find the products they are looking for. Based on a natural conversation flow, A.I. can upsell or cross-promote additional products based on inventory movement and customer purchase patterns. 

This intuitive and accessible chatbot improves customer experience by consistently engaging with them along their journey. In using real-time data, the Annexing system turns retailers’ stagnant websites into active marketplaces that will always create a unique purchasing experience and allows for a hands-free, up-sell event. This creates an inclusive user experience but also gives the retailers valuable information as to how customers are using their site and what they are looking for.

Should the customer need a human, the system may route to the Controller or another support bot. Transactions on the Annexing system are processed on a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. 


Annex has a unique quad-layer relay system. During an active interaction the computer system switches to a higher layer to increase the changes of a satisfactory output for the customer as follows: 



Layer 1
Decision tree based dialogue to help customers get

support and questions answered autonomously.


Layer 2
Aphid provides ML/DL data to further assist customers

with pre-trained ML models.


Layer 3
Strategic partner integration tools to retrieve enhanced

data to further assist customers. This layer includes software integrations for optimal results. 


Layer 4
Human Controllers semi-supervise their bot during an interaction and intervene when a

customer needs subject matter expertise from a certified human Controller.

Supported types of Host environments

Virtual Assistant

Allow certified subject matter experts to take human control on your website when chatbots get stuck to increase sales and customer satisfaction

Website Automation

Allow your website visitors to automate decisions on your website with aph-ID for faster checkout and impulse buying


Submit your pre-existing bot or plugin to the Aptera marketplace to allow Controllers to automate tasks

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